Company Registration

Company is an association of persons formed for the purpose of carrying on some business or undertaking. Company has Limited liability and it has perpetual succession. It can carry on such businesses which are covered under Main objects of the Company. In India Company registration is Completely online which happens through

Different kinds of Companies that can be registered in India are:
Private Company Public Company Section 25 Company Producer Company Private Company

Private Company
To start a Private Limited Company Minimum two persons & Rs.1 lakhs capital are required. Private Company can have maximum of 50 members. Private Limited Company is suitable to start the small business, later it can be converted in to Public Company.

Public Company
To start a Public Limited Company Minimum 7 persons & Rs.5 lakhs capital are required. Public Limited Company can have any number of Members and it can raise Money from Public in Compliance with the Act.

Section 25 Company
The section 25 can be formed for promoting Commerce, art, science, religion and charity purpose.

Producer Company
Producer company can be registered with minimum 10 or more individuals, to carry on the business related to primary produce i.e agriculture, handloom, handicraft etc.